Streamline collaboration

Access and control live data for the entire team, from transaction status to individual agent performance.


With detailed activity logs, you’ll never have to guess who did what when.

beagel for teams

For Teams

As a leader, your goal is to create a successful and productive team that delivers results for clients and the organization.

Increased security

No shared logins.  Switch between agents to provide support and keep deals moving.

Improved compliance

Reduce the risk of non-compliance and help protect the organization.

Enhanced transparency

Gain greater visibility into the offer process. Track and monitor progress; identify areas for improvement.
Increase efficiency

Manage and track offers in real-time, reducing the need for manual processes.

Faster decision-making

Quickly access and analyze data, enabling faster decision-making and reducing the risk of missed opportunities.

Better accessibility

Access data securely from anywhere, at any time, making it easier to manage teams and respond to changing market conditions.

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