How do you transform 80% of your customers into advocates?  

Only 20% of customers are referring you. Why?

For every house sold, on average 9 people come away unsatisfied. Put another way 82% of the people you deal with, don’t get what they’re after.

Turn customers into advocates

How do you convert 82% of your customers into advocates for your business? How do you get them on your side?

Give them a better experience.

Separate yourself from the competition

The longest interaction a customer has with your agency is during the offer process. That’s what separates you from your competition.
Thats what’s defines the “customer experience”, that’s where beagel can help.


Put customers in control

As a real-time agency, you eliminate customer uncertainly over the future. Those stressful evenings waiting for a call back are a thing of the past. No more up at 2am sending an offer & waiting for a reply. Customers feel in control.

Get customers on your side

The way you handle clients during their most stressful life experience, is critical to them walking away going: “You know what, I may not have gotten the house, but I’d recommend that agency. I’d use them myself if I were selling.”


Word of mouth is the cheapest and most effective way to build your business. 

Despite all the money spent on billboards, radio, social media, signage, maildrops & PR, 75% of an estate agency business comes from referrals. You know this and it’s what you’ve built your brand around.


Real-time agency

As a real-time agent you plug consumers right into the transaction live. The second an offer comes in, buyers can know and immediately make a counter offer.
The vendor also knows you’re working for them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 
Whether it's 3am or 3pm, from anywhere in the world, you’re open for business.


Better customer experience

That’s a digital transformation of the customer experience. Everyone knows exactly what’s happening, when it happens, regardless of what else you are at, whilst you remain 100% in control. 

Engage customers

4x referrals

According to MIT, companies that transform digitally, create what are called “highly engaged customers”.

These customers are, in turn, four times more likely to refer your brand to their friends, family and connections.  

Let's say that again in a different way. Consumers are four times more likely to refer you, with a digital customer experience, over your competition, without one.

It also explains why companies with a digital customer experience are 26% more profitable.

Beagel at Cannes

Choose award winning customer experience

Beagel - Semi-finalist best user experience in real estate, MIPIM Cannes.

Work with the best

MIPIM honours the most outstanding real estate projects around the world.  Over 20,000 people representing 3,800 companies from 100 countries attend every year.  Beagel is the first Irish proptech to be nominated.

Global benchmark

Beagel’s innovative approach to the digitisation of the offer process is now recognised internationally as the benchmark in solving a major pain point, not only for consumers, but ultimately for real estate businesses all over the world.