Beagel's goal is to make every real estate transaction trustable. We help bring agents, sellers and buyers together in a more transparent setting to make life better for everyone involved.

Beagel allows for a smoother sales experience where everyone can see what's going on, creating greater trust between all parties and speeding up what can be a long, stressful and laborious process.

We are not estate agents. Agents and their clients determine:
◯ Asking Prices     
◯ Marketing Periods
◯ Viewing Arrangements
◯ Terms of Offer Acceptance

Consumers have transparency on the bidding process, knowing exactly where the property stands 24 hours a day.
Beagel lets you bid from anywhere in the world, day or night, instantly.
Beagel is operated by Auctionroom Enterprises Limited T/A Beagel. (Company Registration Number 556475), and is a company limited in the Republic of Ireland.