Staying ahead of the game is essential

Stand out from the crowd and attract more sellers by streamlining the negotiation process, reducing the need for in-person meetings, providing a more efficient and convenient experience for buyers, agents and sellers alike.


Agent approved bidders make offers 24 hours a day.

beagel for agents

For Agents

Get the tools needed to succeed in the digital age. Easy to use and intuitive, everything is designed with agents in mind.

Increase efficiency

Allow buyers and their agents to make offers electronically, reducing the need for time-consuming in-person meetings or phone calls. This saves time and resources for agents and their clients, helping to close deals more quickly and efficiently.

Competitive advantage

Differentiate yourself from competitors and provide a unique and valuable service to your clients. In a crowded market, offering a convenient and innovative service is a powerful way to stand out and attract attention

More satisfied customers

Improve customer experience and increase customer satisfaction. This leads to positive word-of-mouth recommendations and increased sales.
Recover time

Reduces the time taken to make sales by up to 50%. Make offers, generate reports, go sale agreed when customers are available. 

Supercharge your website

Beef up your existing online presence so consumers can make offers directly through your website.

Get better data

Real-time data offers unprecedented clarity on the live market.

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